Outfitting your kitchen can be challenging, especially if you start this venture from nothing. Apart from your main necessities, it is worth paying attention to how this industry has evolved too. Appliances and tools are not longer as simplistic as they used to be when you were a kid, so check out the 12 newest kitchen gadgets before making a decision.


  1. Electronic scales


electronic scales

Electronic scales are a lot more accurate than classic spoons and cups. You can also save some time while dish washing, since you can normally measure everything in the same cup. Electronic scales have also evolved a lot, so they are not just useful, but also sleek and futuristic.


  1. Rice cookers


rice cooker

Rice cookers originate in Japan. They cook rice with no effort from your side, but they also keep it warm for a while. Since preparing rice is usually a time consuming task, you can forget about boiling water or stirring. Just add the ingredients and push the button.


  1. Meat tenderizers



Breaking down some fibers and making them easier to digest are some of the main things you can do with a meat tenderizer. Most tenderizers come with stainless steel blades and can work on all kinds of meat. Meat also cooks about two times faster.


  1. Egg toppers


egg tpper

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Cutting the top off an egg is a challenge. Most people use a knife, but the softer the egg is, the more challenging it becomes. An egg topper works differently and does not require any skills. Position the topper, release the handle and take the shell off.


  1. Pineapple corers


pineapple peeler

Buy Here ($9.50)

Pineapples represent a frustrating issue. But a pineapple corer can make your life easier. It goes through the pineapple and clears the core. If you have ever opened a bottle of wine with a corkscrew, this gadget works on the same principle.


  1. Herb scissors


herb cutter

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Herb scissors are specifically developed to ease your chopping job. Skip the time consuming job on a cutting board and use the scissors with more blades. Results are quick and safe.


  1. Corn kernelers


corn dropper

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A corn kerneller turns corns into stubs within seconds. Save your time, but also enjoy the taste and flavor of natural corn. Skip the pot corn and its chemicals and stick to the natural and freshly boiled alternative.


  1. Pizza scissors spatula


pizza scooper

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While pizza slicers are quite common these days, pizza scissors with spatulas will make cutting and serving perfect. Practically, each slice is cut in the same size, while picking it up will not tear the tip anymore.


  1. Pressure cookers



Pressure cookers are among the 12 newest kitchen gadgets, yet they are not new at all. However, they have seriously evolved since 20 years ago, when they used to make funny noises and splash food around.


  1. Knife sharpeners

KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

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Tired of buying new knives at every few years? Frustrated about how they ruin your meat and bread? A knife sharpener is a great investment, whether it is manual or electric. Sharp knives make your cooking sessions simpler.


  1. Mandoline slicers



Buy Here ($23.18)

Mandoline slicers were more common in professional kitchens, yet they are now gaining more and more popularity in every household. Just get one with a food holder, only to avoid slicing your own fingers.


  1. Electric knives

You probably do not need an electric knife to prepare a few sandwiches in the morning, but you will love this kitchen gadget when cooking for your entire family or preparing a meal for a large group of friends.

 elecrtic knife

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