12 Most Creative Business Cards

Don’t you feel like you have too many of them? When I try to find my business partner’s business card, I can’t seem to locate it right away. Handing out biz card is an old fashion way of doing biz, but nothing better came out yet so we just have to live with it. Twelvegadgets have curated the coolest and the most memorable b-card out there.

 1.Logistics Envelope Business Card with little inside Message

  coolest business card

2. Old Cassette Business Card with hand-written phone number

cassette biz cardcassette business card

3. Security Consultant Business Card

security business card

4. Hair Salon Bussiness Card

coolest hair salon business card

5.Yoga Business Card

yoga business card 

6. Food Blog Business Card for Mark Ramadan contains little fort, knife and spoon


7.Light Bulb Business Card

light bulb business card 

8.Plastic Model Kit Business Card


9.Plastic Surgery Business Card -Dr. Hajnal Kiprov

plastic surgery biz card

10.Hair Dresser Business Card

hair dresser business card

11. Chocolate Wrapped Business Card


12. Deli/Restaurant Business Card – La Charcuterie shop ( Vancouver ,Cannada )




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