12 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets

We’ve selected the coolest and the most convenient kitchenware on internet. If you know of a kitchen gadget that is cooler than the ones on this list, please feel free to let us know. This post received TONS of repins and likes, so you’d better check out the whole 12 list.




Bialetti, Italian cooktop and cookware company, is best noted for its Moka Express stovetop espresso machine. They have, however, been improving its type of pots and pans over the recent years. Amongst their lines is the five-quart Pasta Pot. Many things turn this pot jump out. Most apparent is its built-in strainer. The lid functions openings on one side, and it twists on and clips to the pot that allows you to put the water out without losing your noodles. (I tested it the other night to great success, though I will acknowledge being anxious that the lid was going to slip off and all the pasta would be drained out while I was emptying the water. Luckily, the lid stayed in position, following a number of good shakes done for testing purposes.)

An additional defining characteristic is the Pasta Pot’s oval shape, that is designed to fit raw spaghetti and lasagna noodles while not having to break them. Additional noteworthy aspects can include its large five-quart capacity and non-stick interior (that makes it very simple to accomplish the final cooking and adding of elements in the pot and then speedily wash it all up later).


Bialetti recently produced the Pasta Pot in three new colors: purple, blue, and orange (in addition to a red edition available exclusively at Target). Each sells for $34.95.

2. Calf & Half Milk Jug
Calf & Half Milk Jug

Mooo-vellous! Udderly Irresistible! There is undoubtedly merely zero end to pleasurable we tend to could poke (cow-poke that is) at this one! However the Calf & Half Milk Jug is without a doubt substantially more as compared with merely a novelty chuckle – it has got this uncommon mixture of both style in addition to humor.

This unique creamer is hand made from double-walled glass – when people fill this along with milk or cream, it appears suspended in the rib-tickling version of an udder. It is clever without losing it’s cool. Thus simple and so fresh, the absolute white organic benefits associated with the actual contents is exhibited for everyone to check out (with this delicate reminder of it’s authentic resource).

Amazing for an afternoon tea or perhaps espresso with the ladies, the Calf and Half Milk Jug can also be a bit of enjoyment for the children each morning. And additionally, it is just as at your home in your company’s boardroom – demonstrating not merely have class but an inventive streak also.

Cool GadgetsCalf & Half Milk Jug

Separately gift-boxed, it is just a fantastic house warming gift you can be certain they’ll love and just about guarantee they have never seen before!

But why just give it once? With such common attraction, you could buy one each for family and friends all over – and keep giving until eventually the cows come home (so to speak)!

The Calf & Half Milk Jug is hand-crafted from double-walled glass and individually gift boxed. $15.99

3. Spaghetti Measuring Tool

Spehetti Measuring Tool

4. Apple ring peeler  by Qing Ji and JiaYue Wu

Kitchen Gadgets
Yanko Apple Peeler
Yanko Apple Peeler

Source: Yankodesign.com


5. Egg & Muffin Toaster (TEM500)


Forget about your morning hours drive-thru breakfast meal and make your own in your own home within 4 minutes. When your coffee is prepared, the Egg & Muffin Toaster will have the bread done, the egg flawlessly poached and also the meat warmed up! Get one today for $54

6. Hotman-hot-pot-holder

Hotman Hot Pot Holder1


Hotman is a steel trivet which is certainly made to keep the hot pot with no damage to the work table. Hotman’s legs and arms are made so they really flex at precisely the right angle to secure your pot secure and properly. He is great for patio feasts and indoor dining as well and looks trendy and unusual without showing up other kitchen gear. A good $24 gift for your friend.


7. Nesting Knives


Innovative set of four nesting knives (paring, utility, Chefs and carving), manufactured by DEGLON based in THIERS (FRANCE) since 1921.

Cool Kitchen Knife

Cool Kitchen Knife

Designed by Brussels-based Mia Schmallenbach and made in France by Déglon. Now on Amazon for $999

8. Spatulart Egg Nylon Flex Turner


Whether you are cooking holiday cupcakes, grilling a sandwhich, or scrambling eggs these tools are flipping fun. A stainless steel handle provides strength and durability. Spatulart Egg Turner is $9.99.

9. Digital Measuring Cup Scale

Digital Measuring Cup

Take the guess work out of the kitchen with the Chef BuddyT Digital Detachable Measuring Cup Scale.

Product Features:

  • Digital Weight Measuring:
    • Intelligent Weighing Presets for 5 Food Types: Water, Milk, Flour, Sugar, Oil
    • Multiple TARE Measuring
    • Convert Measuring Units: g, ml, oz, cup, ct, lb
    • Measuring Range: 0g – 3000g
    • Display Resolution: 1 g/ml/ct, 0.01oz, 0.001 cup/lb
    • Measuring Accuracy: +/- 1g
  • Digital Temperature Measuring:
    • Fahrenheit and Celsius
    • Measuring Range: -40?C – 120?C
    • Display Resolution: 0.1?C
    • Measuring Accuracy: +/- 2?C
  • Digital Count Down:
    • 30 Minute Countdown
  • LCD Display
  • Measuring Cup Detaches for Easy Cleaning
  • Only $25


10. Star Wars Death Star Ice Tray

Kitchen Gadget


Should you currently have the X-Wing Ice Tray, a Star Wars Death Star Ice Tray to fly them around and attack. A Death Star floating around in my drink?

This Death Star Ice Tray will help make your beverage the best power within the galaxy. This silicone ice-cubes maker creates a big ball of ice the same shape as the Death Star. The silicone tray is actually both cold and heat proof, so its possible to make ice or even a hot treat. $14

Death Star Ice SPHERE Tray

11. Pluck yolk extractor

Product designer Mark Fusco has resolve this problem, which wasn’t even simple for master culinary chefs. This is one of the most popular kitchen gadgets. Quirky Pluck is simple device that extracts the egg yolk. Simply position the Pluck over the yolk of your already cracked egg and squeeze and release the silicon chamber to pick up the yolk into it. That’s it! Quirky, the online designer of household items, has introduced the new way to separate raw eggs. Pluck (about $13) is a silicone bulb with a detachable (blank) nozzle. Break an egg right into a bowl, placed the nozzle over the yolk and give slightly squeeze. The yolk slithers right up into the bulb, ready to be released with another squeeze.

pluck-yolk kitchen gadget


12. Pot Clip Stainless Steel Pot Clip


Steel Pot Clip

Sold for $20



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